Fools and Beasts Unconvention 2016

A Message from Trigger:
I know you are all in the midst of the dancing season right now, but can all sides alert their Fool (if that is ever possible) and their Beast (if they don't get you first) that I am taking bookings now for places at this year's Unconvention, which is being hosted at Castle Cary by Wyvern Jubilee on October 28-30th 2016. The cost is 65 pounds for the weekend. for more details email me at - Yours, Trigger.

And a message from his handler:
People keep changing their email addresses, so if you think you should be included on my email list for the Order, and you are wondering why I have not communicated recently, then please send me your correct email address so I can add you back on - or if anyone wishes to be added to the list, members or not, please let me know, then I can keep you abreast of latest news and events of interest in all Foolish and Beastly things!
Yours. Robert Chisman, Convener and Scrivener, The Illustrious Order of Fools and Beasts.

Please download the application form by clicking here

Advance conferece announcement and call for papers

Sidmouth Horse Trials 31st of July

Sidmouth Horse Trials, The Ham, Sunday 31st July at 18:30PM.
An all-comers event for Hobby Horsesm Unicorns, Goats, Morris animals and other Beasts of Disguise.
Canter along to the Ham for a bit of horseplay. A warm up for a full-blown Sidmouth Hobby Horse of the Year competition next year, with prizes!
If you are a hobby horse or beast and are interested, please email Steve on

Australian Morris ring Ale 2017

This Ale will take place from August 18th - September 4th. Proceedings will commence in Adelaide, travel to Melbourne and then conclude in the Australian national captial, Canberra - with many opportunities of dancing in the "bush" between locations.

For the full invitation to this event, please click here

And for further information please email

Oxford Folk Festival

Oxford Folk Festival are looking for Morris sides.
If your side may be interested, please email
For further information on the festival, visit