AGM - Saturday November 12th

The AGM will be hosted by Phoenix Morris at: Mill end and District Sports and Social Club
Penn Road, Mill End, Herts. WD3 8QN

The closest railway station is Rickmansworth which is on the Metropolitan Line and Chiltern Line, there are also two car parks at the hall, and there is no restriction on parking outside. The hall do not normally provide food, but could provide trays of sandwiches if required.
This is your opportunity to put forward your opinions and determine the direction Open Morris takes in the future. These are interesting and challenging times for Morris in general and the way Open Morris responds to these challenges is determined by you the members.

This year Open Morris is trialling 'Absentee Voting' which was voted for at the 2014 AGM.
The committee has decided upon a system for this year and the the 2017 committee will arrange a consultation group to decide upon a more formal system. At the 2015 / 16 EGM / AGM in January this year it was decided that this group would also look at the possibility of members being able to 'attend' the AGM via some electronic form e.g. 'Skype' or conference web cam in the future.

Over the next few days I will be sending out more detailed emails explaining the processes and asking for your responses, but for now I would ask you think about who you would like to fill the roles of : Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Web Officer for 2017 as these are the positions that will become vacant as from January 1st 2017 and need to be filled.

If you wish to nominate a person for any of these positions you need to nominate the person and get another member ( side / team or Life / Individual member ) to second the nomination then send that information to me so I can send it out to all members to vote on.

If you cannot make the AGM then you will be able to request an absentee vote. I will provide more information on this in the next couple of days.

Chair's update to Open Morris members

Dear Open Morris member,
The OM AGM is approaching and I hope that you have all received the relevant emails that Brian sent out recently ( AGM notice, instructions re nominations and absentee voting). If not, please contact Brian directly on The deadline for nominations is now closed.

Two of the current Officers are standing down - Craig (Web) and Brian (Sec) have been in post for 2 and 4 years respectively and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work, particularly in the difficult times since last November. I'm sure they are both looking forward to resuming normal lives as dancers!

The other 3 Officers - Lyndsay (Treas); Liz ( Memb Sec) and myself are standing for re-election. We must be gluttons for punishment, although we are hoping for a quieter year to come if re-elected! I'm pleased to report some positive outcomes to the work that's been going on since the end of January.

The lengthy audit process, which could only begin in April once Lyndsay finally gained bank account access, was completed in July. This despite having to piece together the information from what little was available. With the auditor's report in hand, we obtained legal advice which we followed to pursue Phil Watson for outstanding monies owed. I am very pleased to be able to tell you that I recently received and banked a cheque for the residual debt. The police are not interested in pursuing the matter so, barring any unexpected losses which come to light, the matter is now closed. Heartfelt thanks go to Malcolm Hector for his painstaking and thorough investigation of the accounts.

A separate, independent investigation has been undertaken into various allegations made against OM Officers. This investigation has been concluded and the findings will shortly be circulated to the relevant Officers and complainants. It is not anticipated that the report will be made available to members owing to the sensitive nature of some of the information. However, a brief summary will be circulated to members and ex-members. In addition, the Constitution has had a complete overhaul and will shortly be circulated to members for comments before being presented at the AGM. It is hoped that the new Constitution will be adopted at the AGM. However, if there are a lot of adverse comments or suggestions for change, it may have to be reviewed and re-presented in 2017.

For this AGM there will be a trial of absentee voting for Officer elections only. If this is successful, next year's Committee could look at extending the process to other matters.

I hope you've all enjoyed plenty of dancing this season and look forward to seeing many of you at the AGM in November.

Please also see the following notices which were emailled out to all sides (17/06/2016) -

> Advice to JMO sides regarding Insurance (pdf)

> Open Morris Policy for subsidising Workshops and Events (pdf)

> Open Morris Advice on Public Collections (pdf)

2016 EGM/AGM Minutes

Please click here to download the 2016 EGM/AGM minutes

Bristol JMO 2015

A few pictures from the day
  • JMO2015_01
  • JMO2015_02
  • JMO2015_04
  • JMO2015_05
  • JMO2015_06
  • JMO2015_07
  • JMO2015_08
  • JMO2015_09
  • JMO2015_10
  • JMO2015_11
  • JMO2015_12
  • JMO2015_13
  • JMO2015_14
  • JMO2015_15
  • JMO2015_16
  • JMO2015_17
  • JMO2015_18
  • JMO2015_19
  • JMO2015_20
  • JMO2015_21
  • JMO2015_22
  • JMO2015_23
  • JMO2015_24
  • JMO2015_25
  • JMO2015_26
  • JMO2015_27
  • JMO2015_28
  • JMO2015_29
  • JMO2015_30
  • JMO2015_31
  • JMO2015_32
Permission to use these photos has kindly been given by Brian Antuar, Robin Springett, Graham Cox, Alan Cole, Matthew Leighton and Nicki Pickering Thank you all!

Rag Morris hosted a fantastic day of dance for this years JMO in Bristol. With 66 sides attending from all over the UK, even the weather was perfectly organised!
Open Morris would like to thank Rag Morris for all of the organising and effort put into the event!

For more information on how the day went please visit our JMO page >>

If you have some good photos from the day please send them to (jpg format) and if they are suitable they will be added here.

Open Morris - what we stand for

Morris dancing for all!
Open Morris is open to any group or individual involved in the performance of Morris Dancing or allied activities. All sides are welcome - mixed, male or female, as are dancers or musicians who wish to become individual members.

Morris should be FUN!
We believe our members should enjoy their dancing.


Historical Dance Society Workshops

Please check our Workshops page for further information on these workshops. Please click here to go to the workshops page >>

Absentee Voting - A message from Brian Antuar

Hi all,
At the 2014 AGM it was passed by majority vote that Open Morris should allow Absentee Voting. A model was put forward for discussion / feedback / amendment or complete rejection with other suggestions put forward during 2015. Only three responses were received. One in favour, one against and one felt that not enough consultation had taken place.

The current Committee has decided to go forward with Absentee Voting for 2016 using the previous model and will ask the 2017 committee to organise a consultation group to come up with a working model for Absentee Voting that possibly includes some sort of electronic attendance (Skype or Conferencing call ) which would allow the ability to vote online at the meeting as well as by prior email.

To enable Absentee Voting to work, nominations for Officers will need to be submitted to the Secretary and an Independent other person by no later than October 1st. This is so the nominations can be sent out to all Members so they can discuss whom they want to vote for and send in an Absentee Vote if they wish.
This will mean that NO nominations for any Officer positions will be taken at the AGM as any acceptance at the AGM will disenfranchise those who have sent in Absentee Votes.
For those Members who wish to have an Absentee Vote, they will need to register their intent with the Secretary. They will then be sent a Unique Number. Once all nominations are in they will be sent to all Members. Those who have registered for Absentee Voting and who have their Unique Number will then have until October the 29th to send their votes in to the Secretary & Independent other. Votes received after that date will not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Absentee Votes will be included in the vote count held at the AGM.
This is your opportunity to make your voice heard. Please think about seriously about it and if you want to register, contact me, the Secretary on to register your interest a.s.a.p.


A message from Adam Garland, Squire of the Morris Ring 2014-2016

Dear Nicki

I have recently read your report from the Morris Ring ARM as included in Dancing On (Spring edition).
I am so pleased that your visit to our ARM was a welcoming occasion and that you left feeling the trip was a useful one. I am aware than in the past our friends from the Open Morris and Morris Federation have not always enjoyed a positive experience but I have tried to build on the work of the JMO over the last 5-10 years and continue to foster closer relations between us all.
At the time of writing this I have three months to go in my tenure and can honestly say that my time as Squire has been a rewarding one. It is heartening to hear that my efforts have been successful.
I will be pleased to hand over in September knowing that we are all working closely together, that the Morris Ring is making steps in the right direction, and that, as you say, the future does indeed look hopeful.

Many thanks and best regards

Adam Garland
Squire of the Morris Ring 2014-2016

Open Morris Notices and AOM News

As the marathon Officials meeting bis now over, Chair - Nicki Pickering thought this was a good opportunity to bring you all up to date with the current state of affairs within Open Morris. Please click here to read an overview.

Please also see the following notices which were emailled out to all sides (17/06/2016) -
> Advice to JMO sides regarding Insurance (pdf)

> Open Morris Policy for subsidising Workshops and Events (pdf)

> Open Morris Advice on Public Collections (pdf)

Dancing On! Spring 2016

Please click here to read it!

Ian Chamberlain, Musician and long time squire of Bedcote Morris has passed away

Open Morris wish Ians family and friends all the best in this difficult time.
Please click here for further information >>

Australian Morris Ring Ale 2017

for more information on this, visit ouir events page! or download the invitation here

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