JMO 2016 - York - Saturday April 23rd

2016 JMO National Day of Dance in the fabulous City of York
Saturday April 23rd, hosted by Minster Strays. Should be a great do!

More details will follow on in due course

JMO 2015 - Bristol - Saturday 18th April 2015

A few pictures from the day
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  • JMO2015_02
  • JMO2015_04
  • JMO2015_05
  • JMO2015_06
  • JMO2015_07
  • JMO2015_08
  • JMO2015_09
  • JMO2015_10
  • JMO2015_11
  • JMO2015_12
  • JMO2015_13
  • JMO2015_14
  • JMO2015_15
  • JMO2015_16
  • JMO2015_17
  • JMO2015_18
  • JMO2015_19
  • JMO2015_20
  • JMO2015_21
  • JMO2015_22
  • JMO2015_23
  • JMO2015_24
  • JMO2015_25
  • JMO2015_26
  • JMO2015_27
  • JMO2015_28
  • JMO2015_29
  • JMO2015_30
  • JMO2015_31
  • JMO2015_32

Permission to use these photos has kindly been given by Brian Antuar, Robin Springett, Graham Cox, Alan Cole, Matthew Leighton and Nicki Pickering Thank you all!

If you have some good photos from the day please send them to (jpg format) and if they are suitable they will be added here.

A word from Phil Watson, Chair of Open Morris

On behalf of the Open Morris membership, and Committee, I would like to thank Rag Morris, Joss, Gavin and Kate, and all of your members who stewarded throughout the day for what was the most amazing and successful event.
Everywhere I went throughout the day,covering over 2/3rds of the sides present, I got nothing but smiling, happy comments from 100's of dancers and musicians thoroughly enjoying themselves.
My girlfriend, Anne, who knows nothing at all about Morris, had been wandering around the city on her own, taking in the atmosphere, and she says it elevated her spirits.
My Facebook feed since Saturday has been full of photos and good comments about the day.

My total congratulations to you all for a wonderful wonderful day in your fine city.

Phil Watson
Open Morris Chair

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