Officers are elected at the AGM each year (held in November). Nominations for officers will be called for at least two months before the AGM, and nominations should be made for current officers as well as prospective ones. Think about what you or a fellow member could offer to OM, and what the experience can bring to you. Being an officer my even help you employment prospects.

  • CHAIR: Phil Watson, West Midlands
    Phone: 01902 563126, email:
  • SECRETARY: Brian Antaur, Norfolk
    Phone: 01263 715762, email:
  • MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY: Nicki Pickering, Wales
    Phone: 01248 600095, email:
  • TREASURER: Ashley Jones , Durham
  • PUBLICITY OFFICER: John Clifford , Bristol
    Please  email:
  • EDITOR OM Magazine: Vacant - Please get in touch if you're interested!
  • WEB OFFICER: Craig Simmonds, West Midlands

Officers elected at 2014 AGM:
Chair: Phil Watson
Secretary: Brian Antuar (Re-elected)
Membership: Nicki Pickering (Re-elected)
Treasurer: Ashley Jones
Publicity: John Clifford (with immed. effect)
Editor OM Magazine Joe Bojanowski (Re-elected)
Web: Craig Simmonds

AREA REPRESENTATIVES: We have Area Representatives who contact and visit sides in their local areas to listen to your ideas and let you know more about Open Morris.

Our Area Representatives are:
  • North East & Yorkshire: Wendy Bostock -
  • East Midlands: Will Nesbitt -
  • West Midlands: Phil Watson -
  • Wales & North West: Nicki Pickering -
  • East Anglia: Robin James -
  • South East: Vacant - Please get in touch if you're interested!
  • West/South West: Vacant - Please get in touch if you're interested!
Honorary Life Members
John Bacon, John Clifford, Richard Gregson, Chris Hall, Christine Hall, Gordon Phillips, Phil Watson, Kim Woodward, Wendy Bostock, Jan Wong